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Peking University has lowered its admission threshold for a talented teenager, the Beijing-based reported.

Ye Jianing, a high school graduate from Zhuji, Zhejiang province, has received an official admission letter from Peking University. Ye remains calm about the offer from the nation"s top university as it had promised him a place in its School of Electronics Engineering and Computer Science three years ago, and had said it would even lower the points required for admission by 200.

Born on June 3, 1999, Ye has shown a very high talent in Informatics Olympiad, winning numerous awards at the provincial and municipal levels. He also took gold at the Asia-Pacific Informatics Competition.

"Ye Jianing"s grades are steady, he always ranks No.1 in class," Ye"s mother Yu Jun says.

He has been outstanding in Mathematical Olympiad courses since primary school and focused on studying Informatics Olympiad in middle school.

He won first prize in the Informatics National League, an influential annual high-level national competition for young people, in his third year of junior high school.

Impressed with his achievements, Peking University gave him the offer when he was in his freshman year in senior high school.

Ye ranked 14th in the National Olympiad in Informatics in his second year of high school, winning exemption from the national college entrance examination.

Ye"s mother attributes his excellence to family tradition and his conscientiousness. "I never watch TV. I read and study at home, his father is conscientious and responsible and has been an excellent employee for over 10 years. Nowadays kids are all smart, so only seriousness can make one stand out," Yu says.

Ye is clear about his future, hoping to do more research on advanced technology in the university and make contributions in the field of computer science in China.

But his mother hopes he will find romance amidst his studies. "I wrote him a message when he reached 18, expressing my hope that he would fall in love for the first time in the university."

Ye posted a group photo of his circle of friends when he returned from Japan after taking part in an academic exchange organized by the China Association for Science and Technology. "There"s a girl in the picture; my mind is full of pink bubbles," she said.


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